Team mates around an outdoor table with industrial facility blurred in the background.

About Us

Process Design and Service (PDS) is primarily known for its cutting edge technology development however technology is of little practical use without the ability to commercialize. PDS’s engineering and construction services are your key to putting innovative technologies to work for you.

PDS is a full-service engineering firm offering a broad range of services. Our team has a lifetime of experience designing, installing, commissioning and servicing equipment in a variety of industries.

How We Work

The PDS design process begins with the development of a design basis and process description that will guide the subsequent design steps. Preliminary process designs are then reviewed and redlined in collaborative review process. Detailed designs are then presented for approval before construction begins. Our designs include equipment design and specification, process layout, controls design and specification, design for maintainability, and design for the safety requirements of your facility.

See your project before construction begins. With 3D design work by PDS the number of unknowns can be reduced, allowing you to confidently move forward with construction.